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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Hi!  I'm Davy Depew, a rising junior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Kansas.  I am currently involved as a volunteer in the design and manufacturing processes of our KU FSAE team, Jayhawk Motorsports.  I am a fan of nearly all types of motor racing and a car guy in general. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I want to add just one more comment to this discussion.  THE ORIGINAL "automatic" transmission......could be the one in the Model T Ford.  It was an epicyclic gear set.  When you pushed one of the control pedals down, it was in "Low."  When you got going fast enough, you released the pedal and it was ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Ref: JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) versus Reed & Prince (Frearson), and Phillips drive recesses. JIS and Reed & Prince recesses are "clean" cruciform shapes...a "cross" with sharp corners and a sharp point at the bottom. There are several benefits to this drive configuration, one driver can be ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I commented 5 days ago about "shift schedules."  Now  I'm back to see what everybody else said.  Most of this discussion is relative to 4-wheelers.  One comment about 6- 8- and now, 10-speed automatics: Probably the  easiest way to get the required fuel mileage and  still meet exhaust emissions.   Many ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    What do I have to do to keep engine controller happy if I reduce the exhaust back pressure significantly (to below atmospheric) for a turbo engine? ------------------------------ Jerry Alcone Retired Albuquerque NM ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    I remember something called Posi-Drive at Carter Automotive. Same problem. Dick Baugh Retired ME ------Original Message------ What is different about the JIS screws??? In the old days, many (building) HVAC units used Reed & Prince Screws that looked like philips but had a different angle.?? Using ...

  • Posted in: Open Forum

    James, As far as I know, there are two different Phillips #2 sizes. One is slightly more shallow and wider. Go to local Ace Hardware or Sears. Go look at the Phillips screwdrivers. You will see one in the collection that has a flatter face angle than the other. The handle is usually marked with ...

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