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Started career with the Von Braun rocket team at Kennedy and Marshall. Came up through both space, defense, and commercial engineering, code slinging, and technical management (Sperry, Chrysler, GE, Teledyne, Atlantic Research, Nichols Research). I have been involved in some fashion in nearly all missile and rocket systems and associated aviation platforms that have come out of Redstone Arsenal since the early 80's and added electronic fuze safe and arm to my skill set. I was on the 1st team at Chrysler to develop in factory computer automated test equipment (ATE). From that experience came the in factory and field/depot level ATE for the M1 battle tank followed by the GE "GETS1000" system for the HAWK missile and later the PATRIOT missile.

I passed through the good folks at CCS in Norcross, GA where I cut my teeth on telecom, Interactive Voice Response, BELLCORE, digital signal processing in telecom, and a happy allotment of customer/field support. I came in later as a consultant to perform a consolidated build including selected patches and "dot" upgrades to a legacy product.

I moved back to Huntsville to support SCI work on avionics (real time embedded code and DSP) for the APACHE LONGBOW helicopter then found my way back to Redstone Arsenal for systems Safety design support to the Missile Defense Agency via APT Research and CSC. I was a member of a five person team that provided the Ground Based Missile Defense (GMD) Software Safety Assessment Report (SAR) in support of Initial Defense Operations (IDE). Provided safety requirements and verification test procedures to support safety certification for Simultaneous Test and Operations (STO) for GMD. provided safety risk assessment support to GMD as well as the C2BMC. Provided software safety support to Army SENTINEL and the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) system.

I now consult on systems safety analyses.

Cheers everybody,