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Dr. Manoj Mahangare
CTO Avan Engineering Services Ltd.
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He has 15+ years of experience working at Ford Motor Company (Dunton, United Kingdom). He is currently working on multiple projects from one of the largest Japanese OEM.

He has a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and Master of Science Degree in Automotive Engineering from Coventry University and a Ph.D. in Automotive crash simulation at Coventry University UK.

He has an Extensive work experience of 14+ years on

  • Occupant safety systems development with specialization in airbag design and deployment simulation.
  • Experienced in full vehicle crash testing to meet front, side barrier & pole test requirements for the European market.
  • Expert advice on with relevant dummy models and automotive safety legislation in Europe and the USA.



Publications :

Conference paper: Rapid Airbag Folding Technique for Side Curtain Airbag, 6th Altair CAE Technology Conference, Gaydon, UK, May 2009.

PhD Thesis: To model an Airbag for Out-of-Position Occupant in frontal impacts, 2007, Coventry University, UK.

Conference paper: Investigation into the effectiveness of Advanced Driver Airbag modules designed for OoP injury mitigation, 20th ESV conference, Lyon, France, June, 2007.

Journal paper: A Methodology for the Simulation of an Out of Position Driver Airbag Deployment, International Journal of Crashworthiness, November 2006.

Conference paper: Investigation of an Advanced Driver Airbag Out-of-Position (OoP) Injury Prediction with MADYMO Gasflow Simulations, International MADYMO User Meeting, Dearborn, USA November 2006.

Conference paper: Simulation of Driver Airbag Deployment to Investigate OoP Scenarios, 5th European MADYMO User Conference, Cambridge, UK September 2005.