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My name is Prateek. The early childhood curiosity of learning modern technologies and science behind every mechanical product were the first steps towards engineering. The projects like engine modifications and performance testing on dynamometer were the experiences that directed me to become a professional automotive engineer. The introduction to modern technologies was fascinating and utilizing them in projects led to the development of engineering skills. The research project at Kettering University on Snowmobile engine was the proudest moment of my life because all the efforts behind research resulted in the advancement of the SAE Clean Snowmobile team which achieved the second position in the most fuel-efficient engine and low emissions categories at 2016 competition.
I went to Kettering University and graduated with Masters of Science in Engineering. The concentration of Engineering was Automotive Systems. My expertise is in Powertrain design, development, controls, and calibration. My projects involved learning and implementing Hybrid and IC Engine Technologies.
I am currently pursuing a professional training of Controls Engineering which involves generating Simulink model, implementing the algorithms to develop control strategies and; perform testing and validation of strategies on a live engine using model-based development tools like MotoHawk and Simulink. This course will provide me both hands-on and computational experience desirable to start my career as a controls engineer in the automotive industry.
I was also an integral part of engine test cell development at Kettering University’s Advanced Engine Research Laboratory in the guidance of Mr. Gregory W. Davis. I achieved success in improvising the data acquisition and validation of engine on the dynamometer by introducing integration of model-based development software GT Power and Adapt data acquisition system. This project was a completed by constant support from application engineers at Gamma Technologies.
My internship under the guidance of Mr. Shashi Kumar at Volvo and Eicher Commercial Vehicles is noteworthy. I performed an FMEA on light-medium duty vehicles in chassis assembly area. The project aimed at developing a method by which the failure during the manufacture of vehicle chassis can be studied and controlled which led to a reduction in manufacturing defects. This internship helped me realize my potential to work under both instruction and pressure. I have also worked as a project trainee in Bosch Ltd. which is a highly-esteemed firm. Here, I designed an instrument for measuring the control lever angle on a fuel pump which minimized the labor work while performing the mapping of fuel pumps. This opportunity aided in building my technical knowledge. Moreover, it helped me learn how to organize things efficiently.
I am a car enthusiast and an F1 fanatic. I like to travel and participate in outdoor off road adventure sports. I used to coordinate off road adventure events and provided honest feedbacks from the customers to the managers at Mahindra Rise. I was the captain of Kettering University’s volleyball team and used to coach young players.