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Lean  practitioner who supports companies that they want to have sustainable competitiveness in their industries. Lead comprehensive lean strategies in support of business goals and objectives for last 13 years. Application of Lean tools (VSM, 3P, Set-up reduction, standard work, bench-marking and several problem-solving tools, such as FMEA, event tree analysis, DIVE for root cause analysis. Leader of MEDA (Maintenance Error Decision Aid) safety group for 6 years. Worked as company internal auditor for ISO 9001, EASA PART145 for 9 years. Worked on the development of maintenance organization training system for 5 years and instructor (SMS, Innovation with TRIZ, ETOPS, MEL, DE-ANTI ICING) for more than 26 years in civil aviation industry. Consultant who gives service different companies for five different industries about Continuous improvement, ISO9001, AS9100, AS9120, ASA100 since 2015.