Seeking paper reviewers with advanced manufacturing knowledge to review papers for WCX18

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Starts: 09-22-2017
Location: Online Opportunity


SAE is seeking individuals with advanced manufacturing expertise to review papers for the following sessions at WCX18. 
  • Session Title #1: Robotics and Factory Automation.
    • Description: The scope of the Robotics and Factory Automation session covers robot kinematics, dynamics and controls using modeling, simulation, and experimental analysis of different robotic systems, such as traditional industrial robots and Collaborative robots (Cobots). Engineers and researchers will present their innovative ideas and findings in area of factory automation, digital manufacturing, simulation and integration in Advanced manufacturing and Assembly production systems.
  • Session Title #2: Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions.
    • Description: Manufacturing success is dependent on the maximum utilization of all available resources, through rethinking production methodology, empowering human creativity and intelligence, capturing and capitalizing on available information throughout the automotive product life cycle. This session will explore artificial intelligence, robotics, enterprise solutions, big data, emerging processes, and automation technologies and processes as they related to the ever-changing automotive factory floor.
Typically the paper review process takes 1-2 hours per technical paper.


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Automotive Sector
Early (< 5 years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)
University Sector (Academia)

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Nicole Iorfido
SAE International