SAE Ambassador: YP Recruitment Initiative

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Signup Deadline: 02-20-2018
Starts: 02-21-2018
Ends: 12-31-2018


Become an SAE Company Ambassador and help support the future generation of mobility engineers throughout their career.  As an SAE Company Ambassador, you will have all the tools you need to promote SAE throughout your organization in one place. SAE will also provide you with a special membership offer for your organization's up-and-coming mobility professionals - One year of FREE SAE Professional Membership for all non-member employees age 34 and under, followed by reduced dues for the next three years.

If you are interested in becoming an SAE Company Ambassador, please click the “apply today” button above. The SAE Membership Team looks forward to working with you!


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Commercial Vehicle
Early (< 5 years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

25 (19 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Nicole Iorfido
SAE International