Technical Standards Human Systems Integration Committee (G-45)

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Signup Deadline: 11-03-2017
Starts: 11-04-2017
Ends: 11-12-2017
Location: Online Opportunity


In concert with and in support of systems engineering, the Human Systems Integration (HSI) Committee focuses on processes, tools, requirements, and guidelines to assure satisfactory human-system integration. Committee scope includes human factors Engineering (HFE); manpower, personnel and training (MPT); environment, safety and occupational health (ESOH); personnel survivability and habitability.  The primary focus areas of the SAE G-45 HSI committee are: defining, assessing and optimizing human-system interfaces; maximizing human and human-system performance and; minimizing personnel-driven customer ownership costs. Human modeling and design for ease of maintenance are included within the G-45 scope.

Important functions of the G-45 committee include: 

  • evaluating new and revised Government documents that address HSI processes as well as the design of equipment and facilities for human interaction, habitation and life support
  • maintaining HEB-1, the Human Engineering Bulletin
  • authoring and revising other SAE standards and guidelines
  • performing HSI gap analysis (current versus required capabilities)
  • advising senior SAE and Department of Defense representatives about current and emerging HSI issues, problems and opportunities, and
  • participating in Government/Industry forums affecting HSI.  

Most Committee activities are accomplished through correspondence.  The Committee has one face-to-face meeting each year, during the Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Other meetings are conducted virtually.

Recently published documents

  • HEB1B – Human Engineering – Principles and Practices

Work Conducted via: E-mail, teleconference, face-to-face meeting, Webex.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/Experience: Expertise in the technology of the specific committee, understanding of the role and use of standards, good communication skills, is willing to work towards consensus agreements

Benefits of Participation: Volunteers have the opportunity to help develop globally used standards of interest to the member and the opportunity to meet with peers to discuss technical issues of mutual interest.

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: Volunteers will work as a team and have the opportunity to assume committee leadership positions.

Time Commitment: Commitment varies based on the particular committee meeting schedule. The member should be able to attend most face to face meetings and teleconferencing events as well as provide input into the development of standards between meetings. Member must also respond to document ballots through the year


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Nicole Iorfido
SAE International