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  • Dream Job Video

    ICYMI: Here is the recording of the live Dream Job chat with experts:

    • Michele Kaiser; John Deere & Company; Business Development Manager
    • Gina Covarrubias; Deliberate Doing LLC; Founder/Engineering Life Coach
    • Angelo E. Mago; ATM Consulting, Inc.; Mobility Engineering and Management Consultant; Senior Trainer for SAE
    • Kimberly Stratton; Senior Engineer - Remote Control Machines; Caterpillar
  • SAE Mentor Program

    SAE is in a unique position, in that we are not a niche organization focused on one certain area of engineering or classification. We bring unify engineers from different technical backgrounds and sectors within the mobility industry.

    This allows you to explore different potential career paths and possibilities you might not have known existed or considered previously.


Discussion Posts

  • In response to your late question, @Kimberly Stratton , I can share a few of my own painful lessons learned. Thanks for this question, it's a good one! "Panelists: I know this is about dream jobs but since our audience is young professionals, what ...

  • I'm excited to announce the following winners for Student Days! The winners for partiicpating in the online chat are: @Joshua Banfro @Dylan Konop @Ben Grundmanis @Nicholas Rivelle @Kylie Tulley The winners of the Senior Recognitions ...

  • @Kylie Tulley First of all, congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments thus far! You definitely have a bright future ahead. To address your question, yes, most companies provide relocation assistance. If you have been given an offer, a mere ...

  • @Nicholas Rivelle Great questions! 1. How did you get your job? Everyone has a story, was it just LinkedIn, knowing someone, dumb luck? I joined a mentoring program for women in STEM offered at my school and was paired with someone who worked at Mitsubishi, ...

  • Kimberly, Great question that begs further insight. My painful lessons included understanding that roles you may seem perfect for don't always see you as the perfect candidate and sometimes it's best to let them go and move on because there are bigger, ...

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