Mentor Month Celebration

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January Mentor Month Celebration

January is National Mentor Month and we’d like to celebrate all of our SAE Members that volunteer as mentors.

During the weeks of January 6, 13, 20, and 27, we will randomly choose a mentor that is enrolled in the program, thanking them with a $25 digital Amazon giftcard!

Plus, we’re also celebrating with a virtual mentor mixer themed Time Management January 30 and 31.  For those that participate in the mixer, we’re saying thank you with a random drawing for two more $25 digital Amazon giftcards.

Interested in enrolling in the mentor program? Sign up here. 

Or, to view all of the volunteer opportunities available, visit our centralized volunteer platform: SAE Propel. 


Week of January 6th: Andrew Temple
Thank you to Andrew for being a mentor through our Mentor Community! Andrew is Lead Test Engineer for Eaton and has been an SAE Member for 26 years. Whether you are mentoring online through the Mentor Community or within your company, I am sure those you mentor (directly and indirectly) appreciate your knowledge and experience within the industry. 

Week of January 13th: Brandon Hall 
Congratulations to Brandon for being chosen as our mentor spotlight for this week! Brandon is the Engineering Manager for Textron Systems and has been an SAE Member for 8 years.  He's in the aerospace industry and is open to having up to three mentees.   His mentoring topics include:
  • Career Development
  • Career Transition
  • Getting Started in the Industry
  • Work/Life Balance

We thank you, Brandon,  for your involvement in SAE and mentoring the next generation of engineers!

Week of January 20th: Elizabeth Champion  

Congratulations to Elizabeth for being chosen as our spotlight mentor of the week! We thank you  for your involvement in SAE and mentoring the next generation of engineers!

​And here's a note from Elizabeth:

"I currently work as the Director of Engineering at Phillips and Temro Industries in Minneapolis, MN.  We provide thermal and electrical solutions for the mobility industry, including automotive, heavy duty trucks, and off-road.  

I have been a member of SAE since my time at Central Michigan University, while obtaining my BSME and participating on the Baja team.  I continue to support our SAE Twin Cities section by participating on the Board.

I started my automotive career several years ago working at FCA as a design release engineer.  That role gave me great exposure to the automotive community and the benefits of having mentors and specifically a support group of women engineers.  As my career progressed, I realized I could give back to our community by mentoring and advocating for women in our industry.  I started to take a more active role after I decided to start a family.  The struggles I ran into after making this decision reminded me of some research when completing my masters.  At that time, it was something like a quarter for women leave engineering (not the workforce) after the age of 30.  Since then I remind myself of how my actions are represented to women in my department and other women that aspire to be leaders in our organization.  Through mentoring specifically, I can provide guidance and coaching to help ease the minds of others who are about to go through similar experiences.  That's very important to me.  

In addition to mentoring I am on the Engineering Advisory Board at Central Michigan University and am a member of Women in Manufacturing."

Week of January 27th: Kinsey Olson Sovern 

Congratulations to Kinsey Olson Sovern for being chosen as our spotlight mentor of the week! Thank you, Kinsey, for your involvement in SAE and volunteering as a mentor.

Kinsey serves as Chair of the SAE Dayton Section Board, and started her mobility career with SAE over fifteen years ago at Iowa State University on the Baja Team and as Collegiate Chapter President. Her career has transitioned from its initial heading towards aero at ISU into ag with Deere, and ultimately auto, working with Honda in multiple capacities through the full development cycle of fascias. 

Taking initiative, finding balance, keeping perspective, the fusion of ideas, and leadership growth are her focus areas. She is passionate about aiding the development of younger engineers and potential engineers through encouragement, empowerment, and simply being accessible. She is presently available for interested CDS/YP mentees.