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Jose Nunez

California State Univ-Northridge

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California State Univ-Northridge


I'm a car mechanic-turned-mechanical engineer. I worked as a car mechanic from July 2009 to August 2019, knowing that I wanted to be an automotive engineer someday. My fascination for cars and their inner workings led me down this path to learn how to fix them before I knew how to design them. So I became a very proficient and skilled mechanic, where I excelled in electrical troubleshooting, drivability and engine performance troubleshooting, and most other aspects of automotive repair. In 2018 I returned to university to finish my mechanical engineering degree and I am set to graduate in May 2021. 

Also, I am the current Project Manager of the Formula SAE team at Cal State Univ. Northridge, seeing to it that the project goes as smoothly as possible, especially with the current Covid-19 situation. Our university has granted us very limited access to our facilities, so we can continue with the project in a somewhat normal matter, but we should be able to partake in both Knowledge and Validation Events that SAE is planning for this current cycle.

When I graduate I plan to provide my skills to the automotive industry here in Los Angeles, and be a part of the automotive performance arena, and/or potentially be a part of the rise in electric vehicle technologies.  Some companies that have local establishments I am aiming for are Honda, Toyota, and Tesla.