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Daniel Monaghan

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Propulsion Systems Engineering, propulsion systems concept and development, propulsion and vehicle integration, applications, test and development, competitive analysis; heavy equipment operation and repair; railway operations and maintenance; Lock Out – Tag Out project generation lead.  Significant expertise integrating various forms of external and internal combustion engines to multitudes of drive trains to include straight mechanical, hydrodynamic epicyclic, hydromechanical and electrical transmissions.  Highly knowledgeable about power train integration requirements and cross functional team building.

Believed to have the first digital CLOSED LOOP electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel operating in a test cell in 1979.  Later was Supervisor of Powertrain Engineering for military supplier, concepted and designed many military combat and tactical propulsion systems.  Over 50 years experience in railroad mechanical engineering.

2 diploma US Army Engineer School, Ft. Belvoir, VA including one honor grad.
AAS Diesel Engines from Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills, MI
Mechanical from Wayne State U., Detroit, MI
Past certified heavy duty truck mechanic, was certified railroad air brake technician for freight and passenger systems.

VietNam veteran.


Challenging the laws of physics, passing on the significant earned expertise to the next generation engineers, especially problem solving, large mechanical systems integration, and difference between management and leadership.