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David Stout has been volunteering for SAE Detroit Section since 2002 and has been a member of SAE for more than two decades. David said that he has built a number of good friendships through volunteering for SAE. “I enjoy the competence of the best and the brightest people that I associate with at SAE,” he said.
Earlier, as President of TEMIC Automotive North America, he pushed SAE membership through his entire technical organization, for training, participation in standards, and business development at SAE World Congress.
As an Independent Consultant for David B. Stout Associates, LLC, David is a business development consultant for technology companies targeting market expansion and business strategy development. They vary from battery enhancements and glass fiber leafsprings to high precision sensor signal conditioning ICs.
David is actively engaged in the Section’s programs and activities. He has been instrumental in organizing many of the Section’s TechFast Meetings, a breakfast where technical enthusiasts, business leaders, engineers, entrepreneurs, and others with similar interest gather to interact with each other and hear experts discuss current technical issues. He is also founder of the Global Automotive Innovation Competition which gives small businesses the support and resources they need to take their creative minds to new levels. Through David’s involvement with SAE, this competition has been available to small business for six years and continues to attract more businesses.
The Operations Board has been another part of David’s involvement with SAE Detroit Section. Currently, he is Executive Vice Chair of Programs and works closely with other board members to develop Vehicle Events, Technical Meetings, and social events for the Section. His previous positions on the Board include Vice Chair of Membership and Vice Chair of the Business Team.
In addition to his involvement with SAE Detroit Section, David has also held key positions with SAE International including the Strategic Planning Council, SAE Board of Directors, Chair of the Publications Operating Board, and has served for several years on the SAE Foundation Banquet Committee.
“Volunteering has occasionally been difficult due to work and personal priorities, but I’d rather be doing it than watching TV or surfing the Web. I want to do it because others rely on me,” said David. “Volunteering provides an opportunity to meet excellent people, often of a more diverse nature than just what you have in the workplace. It stretches you and gives you experiences you may not otherwise meet in your normal workplace, depending upon which career stage you’re in.”
David graduated from Cornell University where he rowed on a national champion lightweight rowing team. He attended graduate school at the University of Michigan prior to being drafted during the Vietnam era. He also holds an MBA from University of Chicago.
When David’s not working or volunteering, he enjoys singing in the church choir, kayaking, cycling, and traveling to Europe