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Jennifer Bastiaan received her Ph.D. in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Waterloo. She is an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Kettering University, where she is focused on teaching and research in ground vehicle systems. She is a veteran of the United States automotive industry with over two decades of experience, including modeling and physical testing programs. Her research interests include vehicle dynamics, tire mechanics, and NVH, especially as they relate to ground vehicles. Jennifer’s professional home is the SAE. She is a long-time member of the organization as well as a member of its Materials, Modeling, and Testing committee. She is an associate editor of the SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH, and she is significantly involved in the SAE Collegiate Design Series programs at Kettering University, acting as faculty advisor to the Formula SAE team and faculty co-advisor to the Baja SAE and AutoDrive Challenge teams. She regularly contributes articles to SAE conferences and journals in her expertise areas. Recent examples include papers on the validation of intelligent tires and human perception of vibration.