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Dr. Yan Fu is Manager of Strategy and Enterprise Analytics in Global Data, Insight and Analytics (GDI&A) at Ford Motor Company.   She is a SAE Fellow and ASME Fellow. 

Dr. Fu is a distinguished technical and managerial leader to innovative vehicle technologies that include Artificial Intelligent, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Business Modeling, Safety Optimization and Robustness, Model Validation, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, and Multi-Criteria Decision Making.  Her work benefited faster and better decisions, improved fuel economy, reduced prototype tests, and enhanced occupant safety.

Her impressive body of work resulted in 2 US patents, 6 US patent applications, 4 Ford Trade Secrets, and 1 Defensive Publication. She also made significant scholarly contributions to the research advancements in these fields through a large of archival and conference publications (150 in total).  Dr. Fu is a recipient of the prestigious SAE International Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Automotive Engineering in 2011, the SAE International Forest R. McFarland Award in 2014, and Henry Ford Technology Awards -- the highest technical achievement award at Ford in 2005, 2008, and 2018.