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My name is Gina Covarrubias, Engineering Life Coach and Founder of Deliberate Doing LLC. I help engineers defeat career despair by guiding them through a cognitive behavioral root cause analysis.

My distinctive background blends life coaching expertise with 12+ years engineering/technology experience in the government, academic and corporate environments, all within the aerospace sector. 

As an Engineering Life Coach, my mission is to help STEM professionals evaluate their careers in the context of their lives. When a discouraging career has you questioning previous life choices with an unknown future, I help you recalibrate your professional journey to align with your personal goals. 

 My reasons for creating a life coaching business exclusively for the STEM professional is twofold. First, I observed a common theme in each of my technical work environments. Too many colleagues were either despondent, resentful or “going through the motions.” Many appeared numb as they settled for the aftermath of management edicts. Burnout has become commonplace in the corporate era of “do more with less.” Secondly, I feel blessed with a gift to connect with people. While this gift became an asset in the workplace, I struggled to label it for what it was - emotional intelligence. 

Too often, STEM professionals effortlessly dismiss their own thoughts and feelings. The rigid STEM environment can contribute to this plight, as it tends to suppress our human privilege of self-expression. My coaching style is based on your individual needs, allowing you to qualify your answers to your questions in pursuit of the root cause. You will become equipped to make coherent, confident decisions, transforming your personal and professional wellbeing. 

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For Engineering students: Visit my engineering blog for students, which offers practice advice, lessons learned and tips from my perspective as an engineering student, academic advisor, engineer, and life coach.

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