Engineers Week 2020 Contest

Save the Dates! SAE’s Engineers’ Week Contest is February 17-21, 2020

To help commemorate 2020 Engineers’ Week, we’re holding a contest for our members. Each day during that week (February 17-21) the SAE Membership Team will pose questions surrounding automated vehicle technology in the Open Forum discussion group. You'll have until the opportunity to reply with a written response or a video. The Membership Team will select a winner every day. The daily winners will receive a $100 Amazon giftcard…and then a Grand Prize of a $500 Amazon giftcard will be awarded to the best overall answer out of the week's five winners.

You can answer the questions by joining the discussion thread here. 

Daily Questions:


How will buildings have to be re-engineered to support vertiports (VTOL/vertical take-off and landing)?


Is there a difference between industry’s definition of ‘safe enough’ and the public’s when it comes to humans riding in a Level 4 autonomous vehicle on public roads?


What impact will autonomous trucking have on the U.S. economy?


Is it important for standards to play a role in the transformation that’s happening in transportation? Why/why not?


A skateboard, a bicycle, a scooter, a sports car, a mini van, a limo with a chauffer – what needs to happen for all these things to exist together today and to ensure a framework that supports advancements in transportation for tomorrow?