Technical Standards Systems Engineering Committee (G-47)

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Starts: 09-29-2017
Location: Online Opportunity


The G-47 Committee serves as an industry focal point for systems engineering by developing and maintaining standards, coalescing industry positions, preparing and coordinating positions on government policies & practices, and promoting sharing of best practices on the engineering of systems.

Examples of standards development/revision activities

  • EIA632A Processes for Engineering a System

Work Conducted via: E-mail, teleconference, face-to-face meeting, Webex.

Preferred Skills/Qualifications/Experience: Expertise in the technology of the specific committee, understanding of the role and use of standards, good communication skills, is willing to work towards consensus agreements

Benefits of Participation: Volunteers have the opportunity to help develop globally used standards of interest to the member and the opportunity to meet with peers to discuss technical issues of mutual interest.

Leadership Skills Obtained in this Role: Volunteers will work as a team and have the opportunity to assume committee leadership positions.

Time Commitment: Commitment varies based on the particular committee meeting schedule. The member should be able to attend most face to face meetings and teleconferencing events as well as provide input into the development of standards between meetings. Member must also respond to document ballots through the year.


Advanced (15+ years in industry)
Mid (6-14 years in industry)

Volunteers Needed:

5 (5 open slots)

Experience Required:

4 - 6 Years Industry Experience


Nicole Iorfido
SAE International