Mentoring FAQs

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What to Expect 

Mentors Will...

  • Commit to focused conversations with your mentee
  • Provide insight, knowledge and understanding in an educational manner to benefit the mentee in his or her professional growth
  • Mentors can have multiple mentees  - as long as the mentor has the resources to ensure each mentee is well-served

Mentees Will...

  • Fill out their profiles on SAE's Member Connection community
  • Be responsible for facilitating the relationship and must invite a mentor to help them
  • Be responsible for driving the relationship by having clearly outlined goals for what they want to achieve through participation, and take responsibility for pursuing those goals
  • Only have one mentor at a time

Connect with us for questions or more information about the Mentor Site:

Amanda Hildabrand

Membership Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the SAE Mentor Community?

The mentor community  is available to any SAE Member. Mentors and mentees must first fill out a profile (enroll as a mentor or mentee). Once you enroll, you must then pro-actively request and accept mentors/mentees.  See question #2 below for how to search and request a relationship.   

2. How do I get started?

Mentors and mentees complete their mentoring profiles to indicate what subjects they would like mentored in--please note, this profile is about you and your interests, so that a match can be made. Please also note that once you complete your profile, this does not mean you are matched with a mentee or mentor. You must actively search for and request a relationship.  In turn, the request must be accepted. 

Enroll here as a mentor:
Enroll here as a mentee:

Here is how you find mentors if you are the mentee:

  • To search for a mentor, open the SAE Member Connection ( and navigate to Mentoring > Find a Mentor. Pick the desired demographics you would like your mentor to have (career stage, area of interest, sector, etc. You can also search by name and location). A list will populate containing mentors with your desired attributes.
  • Once you have narrowed down the search results, we encourage you to visit the profiles of the mentors you are most interested in. On the mentor’s profile page, you will be able to send a matching request to the mentor by clicking “Send Mentor Request”.  
  • Complete the email request to your desired mentor and hit “send”.
  • Once you have been accepted by your mentor, you will receive a confirmation email. Note: if your request has not be accepted within a few days, please send a follow-up email to your requested mentor. If needed, send an email to for additional assistance.
  • Work with your new mentor on a time and date for your first meeting!

 And here is how you accept a mentee request if you are the mentor:

 You will receive an email to your email address and your Member Connection inbox once you have a mentee request.

  • From this request email, you can look at the mentee’s profile
  • You will need to accept the request by visiting your Mentor Profile Page in Member Connection
  • You can review your active mentor relationships on your Mentor Profile page

3. Does the program track my relationship? 

No, nothing is officially 'tracked' inside this program, it is simply a way to bring people together and begin a relationship. Once you are matched, you take the relationship on in any format you and your mentee/mentor determine your preferred communication method...for instance, phone, Skype, email, or whatever you like, to get started.