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2017-current Optical Engineer  Optical design/formal training in LucidShape and CATIA V, Optics (ray trace level for plastics), spectrometer with LED and bulb sources, and various plastics and molding/production for exterior lighting in automotive

2016  Mechanical Engineer mostly tracking testing and design, some troubleshooting at plant and optical design

2013 Application Engineer  optical, electronic, mechanical assembly and troubleshooting for Clark-Mxr; building and optimizing beam profiles for fs lasers using mechanical, electrical, and optical systems to include packaging fiber-optic sets

2010  Applications Engineer Sales of lasers, UV and IR Detection systems, and familiarity with photon counting for Boston Electronics, assigned to Vigo and sglux  product lines

Professional Science Masters in Applied Physics from the University of Northern Iowa

  • Familiarity with C++, Maple, CATIA V, LucidShape, LabVIEW, Spectral Suite, Ericksson Splicer and cleaver, Sapphire Goniometers,  integrated spheres, interferometers, M2 machines, harmonics, Holography, lasers, mode locking and filters