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Compelling Nursing Topics for Argumentative Essays - 2021 Guide

Students who take courses in nursing mostly think that they will be taking interesting lectures and learning new skills. They are relentless to start their practice and help patients in a professional manner. What they do not have in mind are nursing essays and research papers. These writing assignments are the least favorite of the write my essay nursing students. However, they are no less important than lectures and practical lessons.

These writing assignments are not only necessary for your academic scores but are also handy in your professional career. By writing good argumentative essays or research papers, you can draw the attention of professionals as well as the essay writer general population towards an important problem that was being overlooked. Therefore, if you want to pass your nursing course or be a good professional nurse, you need to write good nursing essays.

If you think you won’t be able to write a good essay, you can always take help from online ‘essay writing service’ services. It is always better to take help than risking your grades. However, you should not make this a habit. You need to learn how to write good essays.

Getting someone else to write my essay does not sound just. But taking help is not always wrong. However, you should try to write your essays yourself. You can use the professionally written nursing essays provided by online services to write your own essays. You should only use the essay to plan your essay and to get started.

While most of the time, professors assign students a topic to write my paper, sometimes, they allow students to write about any topic that they are passionate to know more about. It might sound like good news but many students struggle with choosing a topic for their nursing essay.

If you are also struggling to find a good topic for your argumentative nursing essay, here is a list of argumentative essay topics related to nursing that you can choose from.

  •         Are nurses underpaid? Should they get salaries equivalent to doctors?
  •         Are nursing more exposed to health issues as compared to doctors?
  •         The nurses working the night shift should be paid more.
  •         Nurses working on the frontline during pandemics should be paid double salaries.
  •         Nurses should be paid for their overtime.
  •         Nurses should not have any compulsions to work overtime.
  •         Nurses should be awarded bonuses on progress in the paper writing service treatment of patients.
  •         Nurses play a more important role than doctors.
  •         Why there is a need for men to join the nursing profession?
  •         Nursing is not only a women’s job.
  •         Nurses should not be allowed to pull the plug on the life of the patients.
  •         An increase in nurses’ salaries would improve health care services at hospitals.
  •         Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medicines to their patients?
  •         Should nurses be given residencies like the doctors?
  •         Should nurses enjoy the same perks and privileges as doctors?
  •         What is the best patient-to-nurse ratio?
  •         Should nurses be allowed to take decisions in case a patient’s health deteriorates and the doctor is unavailable?
  •         Why did the world fail to contain the spread of the pandemic?
  •         Families of nurses who died of coronavirus should be fairly compensated.
  •         Do nurses have a responsibility to report cases of domestic violence?
  •         At hospitals with fewer nursing staff, nurses should not be blamed for poor attention or low performance.
  •         Nurses should be paid according to their workload.
  •         Physician-assisted suicide should be legalized.
  •         Men should be encouraged to enter the nursing profession.
  •         Nurses should be given a permit to move to other countries with their patients.
  •         Should telehealth be allowed in emergency rooms?

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