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Statistical analysis in term papers is common because lecturers want to prepare you for the analysis of primary research in your thesis. Statistical analysis helps us to draw conclusions that hold true for the whole population. But what are the parts of a statistical analysis and how to structure a essay assistant statistical analysis in a term paper? Let's find out!

Processing the data from the research

Statistical analysis in a term paper or thesis starts with database cleaning. From this point of view, it is necessary to take into account whether there are incomplete questionnaires or users who have filled in the questionnaire more than once. Incompleted questionnaires and duplicate answers should not be taken into account in the analysis, as they distort the results.

After cleaning the database, the next step is to code the data. Before we create our database, we need to convert the answers into numbers in the questionnaire. Since statistical programs can only work with numbers, coding is essential. To do the coding, let's refer to a blank questionnaire in which we can do the coding, so that we can see which codes each text response corresponds to.

The database is always built on the basis of the questionnaire. The database is nothing more than a set of rows and columns. The variables appear in the columns, while the rows show all the answers given by the respondents.

Statistical procedures

Statistical analysis in a term paper can cover a wide range of statistical procedures in the same way as in a thesis. Statistical procedures can be descriptive or mathematical statistical methods. Descriptive methods include grouping, categorisation, distribution indices, mean calculations and variance calculations. Mathematical statistical methods include tests of variance and correlation.

Knowledge of the procedure to be used is essential to successfully overcome the obstacles of statistical analysis in your homework. Statistical analysis is always done using different programs, so knowledge of not only the method but also the program is essential. SPSS, eViews, Polystat, Matlab and Excel are all software that can be used for statistical analysis.

In our homework we will describe the statistical procedure we use and the software we use to carry out the analysis.

Evaluation of results

Once you have run the statistical analysis, in your homework you should present a table of the results. Evaluate the results, i.e. write down what can be read from the table. We can also illustrate our results with graphs. It is important to draw conclusions from the results of the statistical analysis, looking for cause and effect relationships. If you do not get a clear result from a test, you should use another relevant method to get a more accurate result.

Finally, summarise the results and draw conclusions.

Statistical analysis for both homework and theses buy evaluation essay requires great care and should only be undertaken when you know how to apply the methods. Otherwise, ask your teachers or fellow students for help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact points!

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