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Robert De Leeuw P.Eng

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Born: 1939 in Ontario, Canada

Work experience:

Vehicle Engineer and Officer in the Canadian Army
Maintenance Engineer, Operating Engineer and Operating Manager, Planning and Development Engineer, Quality Engineer and Manager, Design Engineer and Manager, Technical Director and Utility Fleet Engineer and Manager, all in BC Hydro & Power Authority
Consulting Engineer in de Leeuw Managerial & Technical Services

Formal courses in addition to university education:
Royal Canadian Navy - Communications, Navigation, Seamanship, Engineering Practices, Leadership

Canadian Army - Vehicle Engineering, Theory and Practice, Leadership, Work Measurement, Method Study, Work Shop Administration, Methods of Instruction

Canadian Welding Bureau - Welding Metallurgy Welding Principles and Practices,
Welding Quality Control and Inspection

MGI Management Institute - Statistical Methods

ASQC (now ASQ) - Certified Quality Engineer

University of Toronto - Principles of Renewable Energy