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2022 Chat with the Expert Discussions

What is a chat? It's a two-day session in Member Connection with a subject matter expert on a variety of technical topics, soft skill development, leadership, and workforce development. Add your voice to this dialogue—ask questions, provide answers, and ultimately, gain insights from SAE and its members from around the globe.

Upcoming Chat: May 24 & 25: How to Publish a Book with SAE

Chat with SAE's Head of Books, Sherry Nigam, about how to publish a book with SAE International. Join the discussion here.

In the meantime, if you'd like to submit a question now, you can use this form. Please note: the questions submitted here ahead of time will be posted by the Member Connection Community Manager on your behalf on the days of the chat. Sherry will also only respond to your questions on the days of the chat. 


Previous Chats (jump back into these discussions in case you missed them!)

Technical Chats:

2022 Engineers' Week Chat on Electrification 

Vehicle Dynamics

Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles: Opportunities for New Internal Combustion Engines

Virtual Reality (VR) Tools and their Contributions in the Automotive Industry

V2X and How It Assists Automation and Creates Better Roadmanship  

Quality, Reliability, and Data Analytics

Lightweight Structure Design for Durability & Reliability   

High Voltage Vehicle Charging for EVs and PHEVs

Powertrain Calibration Controls NVH

Getting the Most Out of System Analysis

Fuel Consumption and Emissions Improvements of Advanced Cylinder Deactivation

Shared Mobility and Micromobility

High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine Technologies

Cybersecurity 1

Cybersecurity 2.

Automated and Connected Technologies 1

Automated and Connected Technologies 2


Advanced Materials

Advanced Propulsion

Women Leadership Chats:
Women Leaders in the Aerospace Industry March 2022
Women Leaders in the Commercial Vehicle Industry September 2021

Women Leaders in the Aerospace Industry March 2021
Women Leaders in the Automotive Industry March 2020

Workforce and DEI Chats:

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and the Future of the Workforce October 2020 

Resume and Career Chat December 2021

Workforce Development June 2019

Workforce Development November 2018