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Save the Dates: Spring Student Days May 16-20
What is "Student Days" in Member Connection?

This is an activity that takes place in the NEW Student Community in Member Connection. The student community is a space for students to interact with their peers and discuss technical topics, vehicle competition topics (Baja, Formula, or Aerodesign), exchange ideas around SAE Collegiate Chapters, and more.


  • May 16/17/18: Your Dream Job Chat (online and a live session)...see more information below and to register. 
  • All week: Senior SAE Member Recognitions. Share your story with us...more information here
  • Prizes
What you need to do to participate in the Dream Job Chat with the Expert: 
1. ICYMI: the live chat happened on Monday, May 16. View the recording here
2. Join the online Chat Discussion Here May 16, 17, 18
3. Submit questions to our experts ahead of time

Your Dream Job Chat May 16, 17, 18*: If you're trying to figure out what type of engineering degree you're interested in and what career path you’d like to go down…or if you're already down a path but would like to ask a practicing engineer questions, this chat is for you!

Experts Include:
  • Ryan Reynolds; Lockheed Martin Corporation; Senior Program Manager
  • Michele Kaiser; John Deere & Company; Business Development Manager
  • Gina Covarrubias; Deliberate Doing LLC; Founder/Engineering Life Coach
  • Srikanth Kumar Kothamasu; Magna; Quality Engineering Coordinator
  • Angelo E. Mago; ATM Consulting, Inc.; Mobility Engineering and Management Consultant; Senior Trainer for SAE
  • Rebecca Vollmann; ABB Robotics / B&R Industrial Automation; Sales Engineer
  • Kimberly Stratton; Senior Engineer - Remote Control Machines; Caterpillar

Please Note: The Dream Job Chat is not a recruitment event/activity. 

  • Five $50 digital Amazon giftcards for the Dream Job Chat with the Expert...simply participate in the chat! We’ll randomly award five participants with a digital giftcard.
  • Five $50 digital Amazon giftcards for the Senior Recognitions. We'll randomly choose five entries to win a digital giftcard.
  • Tag a fellow student member for a chance to win an extra $10 digital giftcard (for each student member that you tag.)

Contest Rules:

  • Eligibility: All winners must be a current, paid SAE International Student Member.
  • Responses can either be written or video.
  • Entries must be posted by 11:59 p.m. EST each day of the activity 
  • Winners will be announced the following week, and notified via email and Member Connection.

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