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Stay tuned for our Spring Student days in 2022!
What is "Student Days" in Member Connection?

This is an activity that takes place in the NEW Student Community in Member Connection. The student community is a space for students to interact with their peers and discuss technical topics, vehicle competition topics (Baja, Formula, or Aerodesign), exchange ideas around SAE Collegiate Chapters, and more.

Previous Student Activities: You can view past discussions to see what your peers had to say!

Resume Clinic (Watch the Live Session)
Resume Clinic (Written online discussion)
Chat with the Expert: Navigating Failure (Watch the Live Session)

Chat with the Expert: Navigating Failure (Written Online Discussion)
Student Community One Year Anniversary Celebration
SAE Student Engagement Photo Contest

Your Dream Job Chat

Chat with the Expert: Our Mental Wellness: COVID & Job Uncertainty
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