Quick Start Guide

Getting Started on SAE Member Connection. 

Make the most of your Member Connection experience online by taking these steps to allow others to find and connect with you, engage in meaningful conversations about the topics that matter to you, and build your presence in the online community.

Log in: 

Your login credentials are the same username and password you use on sae.org (your MySAE account). If you have trouble logging in, go to https://connection.sae.org/home and click Forgot your User ID or Password?

Profile Set-Up:

Tell us about yourself: Is this what you really look like? Upload a profile picture and add some information to your profile so it is easier to find and connect with like-minded peers.

Profile Settings:

Customize your profile settings: While on your profile page, click on the tab for My Account. Here you can set up how you want to receive emails from the community, how much of your profile you want visible to other members, design the signature area that appears under your discussion posts, and more. If you have any questions about what a certain setting means, please email the Community Manager at communitymanager@sae.org for help. 

Email Delivery Options: Here you can set up the frequency of the community emails from Member Connection. The options come in the following form:

  • Real time: An instant email each time a discussion is posted in the selected community.
  • Daily digest: An email once per day for each community for the previous days’ activity.
  • Consolidated daily digest: An email once per day for multiple communities you are a member of for the previous days’ activity.
  • Consolidated weekly digest: An email once per week for multiple communities you are a member of for the previous weeks’ activity.
  • No email: Unsubscribing from community activity.

Build your contact list: Select Directory > Search by Name from the top navigation bar to find friends and colleagues belonging to SAE. Creating a contact list helps identify relationships and build searchable networks. Our Advanced Search option offers further parameters for making connections. The Member Directory is a benefit reserved for SAE Members.

Join the Conversation:

Posting a Message:

  1. If you are on the Member Connection homepage, click the “Add New” button next to the Latest Discussions section, beneath the main banner to post a new message to the selected community of your choice.

2. If you are in the Open Forum, click “Add” right next to the Discussion Posts section.

3. If you are in the Discussions section of the Open Forum, click the “Post New Message” button on the right-hand side.

  1. Quick tip: You can upload attachments to your discussion post by clicking “add attachment”
    1.  Attachments will automatically be added to the specified community library