SAE Austin Section Officers Needed

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Starts: 10-05-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


SAE Sections are a way to provide members with the opportunity to get engaged at the local level and to meet the technical, developmental and personal needs of SAE members. A new section, SAE Austin has recently launched and is looking for outgoing professionals to lead the section.  Some examples of section events would be technical meetings, tours of local plants and participating in SAE’s STEM programs. We are looking for SAE members who can help plan and organize these events to spread the importance of SAE and local expand your network.

The Section is currently seeking to fill the following positions for one year terms:

Chair -

The key individual in a local SAE organization is the chair. The degree of enthusiasm and the ability to inspire cooperation of other officers and the membership largely determines the success of the section. The chair should at all times ensure that the aims and objectives of the local section and its programs are in harmony with the objectives of SAE as defined in the SAE Bylaws. To properly direct the activities of the section and to best serve the interests of SAE, the chair should be familiar with the information contained in this manual and the Section Operations Handbook

Vice chair - 

The vice chair's primary responsibility is to continually monitor the section's long range plan. The vice chair is also responsible for acting for the chair and, as delegated, to share the duties listed above. The vice chair should be ready to assume the chair's responsibilities upon short notice. This necessitates working closely with the chair and actively participating in section affairs. Duties should be conducted in such a manner that there will be a smooth transition of administration the following year. A good vice chair should relieve the chair of a significant part of the duties. The office should not be allowed to degenerate into a meaningless assignment.

The secretary is the custodian of section records, and the recorder of all official actions. These records are of great value to existing and future governing boards, and should be complete and accurate.

Treasurer -

The treasurer is the fiscal officer of the section and should have some degree of financial experience or be knowledgeable in the financial policies of SAE. The appointment of an assistant treasurer or a finance committee to assist in the work is also advisable. Such appointment(s) ensure a carryover of information in the following year, and are excellent sources for future treasurers.

The treasurer is responsible for the accurate and careful control and disbursement of the section funds as outlined in the budget. In essence, the treasurer is the watchdog of the section's financial condition. The treasurer, with the help of the assistant, analyzes the section's expenses, suggests means of reducing expenses when necessary, and makes periodic projections of income and expenses to the governing board.

**Interested candidates must reside in Austin area and be a current SAE Member



Volunteers Needed:

30 (30 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary


Abby Hartman

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