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Volunteer and Paid Engagement Opportunities

With your help, we can continue to advance the mobility profession for the benefit of humanity. Whether you’re interested in serving on a technical or standards committee, volunteering virtually or in person to inspire young learners through SAE’s nationally recognized STEM education programming, authoring a technical paper, or helping to plan a mobility event, there are countless ways to share your time and expertise.

    • Get involved with standards development
    • Inspire and provide guidance to future engineers
    • Connect with industry peers
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SAE’s Preprint Server

SAE MobilityRxiv® is a free online preprint server and sharing service for English-language preprints in the mobility/transportation field. Preprints are defined as original manuscripts (including white papers, theses, and dissertations) that have not yet been published by any journal or other publication. If you are an SAE author and have submitted a manuscript to one of our journals, non-event technical papers, or an event, we allow the posting of the original manuscript to MobilityRxiv while the manuscript is undergoing peer review. Peer-reviewed manuscripts that have been rejected for publication are also eligible for posting on the MobilityRxiv, but we do not accept preprints that have been posted on another preprint server. 

This service allows researchers and other users to read and comment on a manuscript immediately without waiting for formal peer review. All users can read all documents for free without creating an account, but you must be logged in (using your SAE credentials) to upload a paper or to leave comments.

All preprints are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which allows for immediate citation.


  • Feedback on your work from expert authors and subject matter experts in your field
  • Help in advancing your career, tenure track, or student success
  • Early access to research
  • Ethicalsharing of your own and others' research with no delay or cost​
  • Early citations of your work by DOI


Visit MobilityRxiv to upload your preprints or to browse papers.

Volunteer Recognition Month

Starting June 1, we have an entire month of activities lined up to celebrate YOU, our SAE Volunteers!
One activity during SAE 2022 Recognition Month,  volunteers have the opportunity to recognize one another for the work they do to move the mobility industry forward. You can submit a nomination through this form and our team will post it on your behalf, or directly into this discussion thread here yourself. All Nominees will have a choice of a $15 Starbucks or Amazon gift card.  

June 21-22: SAE Mentor Mixer themed Career Advancement AND free trial of SAE Member Connection:

June 27: Spot Gifts

  • Five names drawn at random on Monday June 27 from the SAE Volunteer Pool for a prize pack that includes a set of Apple air pods and a SAE backpack.  Join the SAE Volunteer pool now.
  • Five names drawn at random on Monday June 27th from individuals who have completed volunteer opportunities for a $250 Visa gift card. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity now.


Introducing the Newest Class of SAE Fellows

Fifteen engineers cemented their mobility industry legacies by being elected SAE Fellow. 

In the 2021 class, 15 SAE Fellows were cited for their achievements in the automotive sector (11), the commercial vehicle sector (2), and the aerospace sector (2)-although there are varying degrees of industry overlap for certain Fellows. Implemented in 1977, the SAE Fellows program has honored a total of fewer than
1,000 individuals over the years since. 

Interested in becoming an SAE Fellow? Nominations are being accepted now through July 1.  Find out more here. 

Read about the Fellows 2021 Class now.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nishatha Nagarajan


Nishatha “Nisha” Nagarajan knows the challenges presented by a knowledge gap.

As the Global Technical Specialist in Advanced Semiconductor Applications at General Motors can attest, training the next generation of engineers is essential for the future of mobility.

“[We need to] ensure knowledge is shared with academia and involve students in the future of autonomous vehicles,” Nagarajan said.

That’s why she’s leant her time and knowledge to SAE International through volunteer opportunities over the last five years, including working on the Active Safety Test Target Validation/Correlation task force and serving as the GM mentor for the Virginia Tech AutoDrive team.

Through these experiences, Nagarajan has encountered and participated in the problem-solving efforts that are driving industry forward into its next stage. Time and again, the most valuable resource for solving these problems is people working together.

“The mobility industry is facing a lot of unique challenges and out path to success would be accelerated with collaboration,” Nagarajan said.

Thanks for keeping an eye on the future, Nisha. We count ourselves lucky to have you on our team.

June at SAE International is Volunteer Recognition Month, and we’ll be celebrating our volunteers and contributors all month long. Know a story we should tell? Contact Marketing Specialist Maria Graziano at to share the details.

SAE Local Sections
26 states. 7 countries. Chances are the most talented engineers and mobility experts are right in your back yard, members of one of the 47 SAE Local Sections around the globe. This is where you have a chance to take deep dives into the latest advancements in the mobility industry and expand your network on a local level. Local Sections are by far one of our most valuable and popular Member Benefits year after year and there’s no additional cost to join.
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